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16 kickass reasons to learn German slang!

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  • German slang for everyday
    The fact is that even if you are familiar with the German language basics, if you don’t know German slang you will be lost in many casual German conversations. Ordinary Germans use plenty of colorful slang phrases and expressions when sharing day-to-day experiences, chatting over a coffee at work or over a beer at the local bar. German slang is an essential part of everyday German conversation that strangely is often overlooked by German learners.

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  • German slang for fluency
    Colourful German slang will not just help you boost your interest and motivation in the German language, but will in fact bring you a huge step closer to German fluency. Slang is an essential piece of the German language puzzle, so to really understand the Germans and to speak the German lingo like the locals you need to get to grips with German slang terms and colloquial expressions.

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  • German slang for a laugh
    Believe it or not, it's not just the English who know how to have a laugh. Although the Germans are not known for their humour, perhaps surprisingly the German language is full of it. To understand many German jokes you’ll first have to get a handle on German slang phrases and colloquial terms. A knowledge of German slang phrases is vital to be able to read between the lines and understand amusing and often cheeky German comments.

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  • German slang for spice
    If you think of the German language as food, then think of German slang as the salt, pepper and spices. German slang phrases add spice and flavour to otherwise bland, standard German conversation and makes the German language loads more palatable. Sure you can survive without slang, but life tastes a whole lot better with it.

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  • German slang to break the ice
    German slang is as volatile as slang in any other language and does have a limited life expectancy. This means that when you use the latest popular German slang phrases and terms you're demonstrating that you're "with it". This makes a great impression when meeting Germans for the first time.

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  • German slang for integration
    German slang phrases are especially useful for exploring the German “scene” so if you don’t speak the lingo, you are sure to miss out on loads of fun experiences in Germany. Also as some German slang is only familiar to certain age groups or members of a scene, knowledge of this kind slang can help German learners to integrate better and make like minded German friends.

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  • German slang for sassy and sexy
    Slang is sassy, sexy lingo that can help you impress members of the opposite sex. Guys, do you want to see a girl's eyes sparkle with interest? Then add a sprinkling of popular slang terms in your German language. It's a simple equation:

    english speaking foreigner + german slang = sex appeal

    Don't ask me why, it's just the way it is. German slang is a secret weapon to getting lucky. Use it to your advantage - but remember with great power comes great responsibility :)

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  • German slang for down to earth
    Using German slang is a great way to demonstrate that you're down to earth and don't take yourself too seriously. That's why slang will help you meet and integrate with other down to earth people. Learn German slang and you will familiarise yourself with how truck drivers, bakers, computer hackers, sports fans, motor bikers, soldiers and all sorts of ordinary (and not quite so ordinary) people talk - especially when they're our for a few beers.

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  • German slang for colour
    As the Michael Jackson proclaimed "it don't matter if you're black or white!" German slang phrases are not necessarily offensive, abusive, low or vulgar language. Instead German slang is the colourful alternative language spoken by people who want to stand out from the dull masses. You can be black, white, yellow, red... but just don't be grey!

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  • German slang for Al Bundy
    Are you the Al Bundy type who likes to sit in front of the telly on the sofa with his hands in his pants? Then you're going to have to get to grips with German slang expressions because they're all over the media. As an important part of everyday language, German slang is on TV, in German magazines, in advertising, on German billboards and - in your face!

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  • German slang for innovation
    Slang and colloquial terms that are boldly innovative today may enter the standard language tomorrow. This means that by learning the latest German slang phrases, you will be surfing the cutting edge of German language innovation. Duck dive boring language and pull gnarly German cut backs, barrels, ariels and tubes!

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  • German slang for regional
    While a lot of German slang phrases are understood all across Germany, there are also a lot of German regional slang expressions. Our Pukka German podcast focuses on the most popular and useful German slang terms. Also, although there is similarity between the slang spoken in different German speaking countries, there are differences between the German slang spoken in Germany, Swiss German slang and Austrian German slang. Switzerland and Austria have many of their own slang phrases, terms and expressions - just like the English slang in Great Britain differs from the English in America. Slang can help you feel a regional connection. The Pukka German podcast concentrates on the German slang spoken in Germany.

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  • German slang for irony and exaggeration
    Like in English, Germans often convert originally negative words to a positive sense in order to emphasize or intensify, as in "terribly good" or "awfully nice". Youth slang is more concerned with being intense in order to push the language beyond its limits. Youth slang makes use of a whole series intensifiers, such as galaktisch-, giga-, hyper-, maxi-, mega-, ober-, super-, turbo-, ultra-, and more.

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  • German slang not just for football hooligans
    In the right context, much slang can be used by very dignified, respectable and educated speakers. German slang used unexpectedly by dignified and respectable individuals is probably some of the most entertaining, amusing and effective.

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  • German slang for a kick in the pants!
    If you’ve been losing motivation in your German studies then focusing on learning some German slang will give your German a reviving jump-start. Why? Because it's helluva fun and entertaining.

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  • German slang is cool
    No 2 ways about it, slang is cool. Get cracking learning cool German slang today by listening to the Pukka German podcast.

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