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Pukka German Podcasts 14 - 26

In this podcast you will learn German words and phrases to have a moan about the youths of today. "sich schlecht benehmen" (to behave badly) and "auf die schiefe Bahn geraten" (to go off the rails) are just a few of the common German phrases that you will learn.
We all know that Germany is famous for its beer and Oktoberfest but how many German words and phrases do you know to talk about drinking? "sich die Kante geben" and "sich zudröhnen" are just a couple of common German expressions you should learn to describe getting wasted. Just be careful not to overdo it "sich ins Koma trinken" :)
Why do we never learn? When you do overdo the drinking then you should have these common German phrases handy "einen ausgewachsenen Kater haben" (to have a full blown hangover) and "mir brummt der Schädel" (I have a splitting headache).
"Wissen ist Macht" (Knowledge is power) or so they say, so let's impart some knowledge and get you folks powered up with some common German sayings and phrases! If you don't listen to this show I won't be fussed because "Was ich nicht weiß, macht mich nicht heiß" (what I don't know doesn't bother me).
In this episode our German theme word is "sinn" so I hope you'll come to your senses and learn German expressions like "der Sinn des Lebens" (the meaning of life) and "wie von Sinnen sein" (to take leave of one's senses). I mean afterall that's "der Sinn und Zweck" (the whole purpose).
Today you learn German phrases inspired by our kitchen assembling experience. Common German words like "schick" and "schlau" (chic and smart) not to mention a couple of common sayings like "zu viele Köche verderben den Brei" (too many cooks spoil the broth).
Today we have a list of common German phrases related to political elections including expressions like "auf dem Holzweg sein" (to be on the wrong track) and "sich neu erfinden" (to reinvent oneself). If you like the podcast, give it a rating - but remember "gleiches Stimmrecht für alle" (one man, one vote)!
Today we get you shaken and stirred learning common German words to describe trendy cocktail bars. Also learn common phrases like "to get s.o. in the mood" and "to be in close contact with s.o." useful for your next visit to a hip bar.
Today you learn loads of common German words related to moving house. From flat shares to estate agents to landlords. Of course we've also chucked in some colloquial German phrases like "der Katzensprung" (a stone's throw) and "kein Zuckerschlecken" (no picnic).
In this podcast you learn more house hunt words and phrases. Apart from common German words related to moving home you'll learn German phrases like "in der Pampa" (out in the middle of nowhere) and "auf etw versessen sein" (to be hell bent on sth). Other gems are the German words "die Betonwüste" (concrete jungle) and "der Haken" (the snag)