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Useful and funny German words and phrases!

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Pukka German Podcasts 14 - 26

There are loads of things more scary than learning German. Sky diving for one. In this German language podcast you'll be learning funny German words and phrases to talk about fear. So the next time that you're "shitting bricks" at least you'll be able to say so in your most elegant German slang. Now "sei kein Schisser" and hop to it.
This is German learning for party people and you're going to have a blast. In this podcast you will learn funny German phrases to talk about "celebrating into the wee hours" and while you're at it don't forget "die Sau rauszulassen" (to paint the town red!) Among other useful phrases, you'll come away knowing what the funny German word, "Remmidemmi" means. If you take partying as seriously as you take learning German, then this will be very useful.
Today's funny German words are all about money and the economy and the motto: "Kauf weniger ein! Dann brauchst du weniger Geld". While some of us are battling to make ends meet (über die Runden kommen) others are raking it in. But remember, all work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.
Being indecisive is okay so long as you're not indecisive about learning fun German with the Pukka German podcast. Today you'll learn all the maybe words like "kann schon sein" und "mal schauen". The funny German phrase "abwarten und Tee trinken" will also serve you well and of course there's a bunch of other useful German words in store.
Sometimes things just don't go according to plan. "Schief gelaufen" are the useful words for these situations. When you're to blame and could kick yourself that's when you say "Ich könnte mir in den Arsch beißen" (lit. i could bite my arse!) Rest assured there are also loads of other funny words and phrases in this podcast episode to brighten up your German learning. (By the way the words 'sich blamieren' are useful for describing making a tit of yourself - just in case you make a habit of it!)
Don't you just hate it when folks don't mind their own business and start poking their noses where they don't belong. If so you should be learning the funny German words and phrases in this podcast episode. "Kümmere dich um deinen eigenen Kram" is a most useful phrases to tell someone to 'mind his / her beeswax'.
Everything is hunky dory this episode where we teach loads of useful German phrases you can use when things work as they're supposed to - "Es lief alles wie geritzt" comes to mind. Or how about the useful and funny phrase "Alles in Butter" to say that everything is okay and "alles in grünen Bereich".
When one of your friends gets married, you should be prepared with useful German words and phrases to talk about the special event. (Of course don't forget to bring a present too - would be rude not to.) If you're the one tying the proverbial knot then my only words of advice are to steer clear of becoming "das Heimchen am Herd".
Question: Who gives a monkey's about learning German words and phrases? Answer: You do! So I'm not accepting any excuses for not listening to this week's podcast. "Deine ausrede sind mir schnuppe. Echt schnurzpiepegal!"
Unbelievable but true learning German words and phrases rocks! When you're dumbstruck, gobsmacked, stunned or flabbergasted we've got all the funny German words you could possibly need. "Jetzt hat es dir wohl die Sprache verschlagen, was?!"
Say what? You already know all the funny German phrases to say when you think someone is pulling your leg? I'm sorry but I don't buy it. "Du denkst wohl ich bin von gestern!" Do you think I was born yesterday? I'd bet my bottom dollar that we can still teach you a thing or two.
Opinions, opinions, opinions. Everyone likes to chuck in their 2 cents so today we go beyond funny words and concentrate on downright useful German phrases to gather opinions and express your own. Go on give me all the mustard you've got!
Teenagers get dissed a lot. They have to put up with being told that they're stubborn, moody and irresponsible. In this learning German podcast we're going to cut them some slack and put ourselves in their shoes (wir werden uns in ihre Lage versetzen) so come on and let's be open-minded (aufgeschlossen und vorurteilsfrei) and hear their side of the story. Look out for loads of useful German adjectives.