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Learn loads of common German sayings and popular German idioms related to the word "Reden" (to talk). Some of my favourite german idioms in today's show are "um den Heißen Brei herumreden" and "jdm nach dem Mund reden". You'll also encounter famous German proverbs including "Reden ist Silber, schweigen ist Gold". We've got popular German idioms galore!
Things get hairy today! "Haare auf die Zähnen haben" is a very funny German saying to describe the kind of 'tough cookie' you'd do well to avoid. "Sich ständig in den Haaren kriegen" a common German idiom great for describing sibling relationships and we hardly need to translate "ein Haar in der Suppe finden" for English speakers.
There is a goldmine of cool German sayings about money. You might well have already heard the famous German quote, "Geiz ist Geil" but do you know the common German idioms for saying that you're hard up? My personal favourite German money quote is the descriptive "jeden Euro zweimal umdrehen".
"Die Schulbank drücken" is a worthy German translation of the English saying "to hit the books". I also love the useful German idiomatic phrase "etw mit Ach und Krach bestehen". You'll definitely have "Grips im Kopf" once you've worked through these popular German sayings.
Love is in the air and have we got a tonne of German love sayings for you! The popular idiom "im Siebten Himmel sein" will get you on cloud nine and if you're up there, perhaps it's because you've met "ein toller Typ"? One of the quotes I most enjoy is "zum Anbeißen gut aussehen". Really gets my hormones working :) (Keen to learn more, then check out our theme page on German love quotes.)
"Feierabend" is a great German expression but it's not just in your freetime that you'll hear cool German sayings. "Der Rubel rollt" is a super idiomatic expression to use when business is booming. Of couse one of the most important things in business is, and I quote: "man muss auf seinen Bauch hören".
If you're having trouble remembering all these famous German quotes and common idioms, then you need to "build yourself a donkey bridge" (or rather; sich eine Eselsbrücke bauen - to create a mnemonic device). At least then you won't stand there "wie ein begossener Pudel" when you're lost for words.
Food is one of everyone's favourite subjects so it's understandable that there are loads of German food words and funny sayings to talk about appitite and food. I like the German idiomatic expression "eine Naschkatze sein". I just have to say the words 'sweet tooth' and I salivate - "mir laüft das Wasser im Mund zusammen".
"Immer etwas auszusetzen" is a very useful German saying heaven forbid you have a neighbour like mine. Another expression that will come in handy is "ein Hühnchen mit jdm zu rupfen haben". I'm telling you he is really bloody awful - "unter alle Kanone!"
Oki doki, it's simple German words that make all the difference. Clarifiers, affirmations and some nice expressions for saying 'no problem' and 'with pleasure' are the order of the day. Too basic for you or "geht das klar"?
When the Germans are feeling good, "sie strahlen über beide Backen". Another common and popular German expression you might hear is, "Ich fühle mich als ob ich Bäume ausreißen könnte". I hope you're also feeling "fit wie ein Turnschuh". (English translation, 'fit as a fiddle'.)
It's frustrating trying to twist someone's arm when they just won't budge - "sich nicht breitschlagen lassen". The next time this happens to you quote these German words, "Sei kein Speilverderber!" (Don't be a spoilsport). It's "so sicher, wie das Amen in der Kirche" that if this doesn't win them over, it'll at least get a reaction.
Famous German proverbs like, "man muss manchmal in den sauren Apfel beißen" might be all Greek to you ("klar wie Kloßbrühe") if you don't spend time learning the German sayings in this podcast. Hopefully once you do, you won't still be saying that you don't have "die leiseste Ahnung".