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A more straight talking Rocket German review

The Rocket German interactive German audio course by Rocket languages has received rave reviews. Since I've tried just about every highly recommended German learning product under the sun and I'm often asked my opinion about the best way to learn German fast, I was dead keen to get my hands on a copy of Rocket German to see how this interactive German audio course compared with other top quality German learning resources. Turns out I'm now convinced that Rocket German is the ideal complement to our weekly Pukka German material. Read my full Rocket German review to learn more.

Rocket German Review Verdict:More Rocket German Review 5 stars

More Rocket German Review: Software boxA practical, easy to follow, German language learning adventure that builds competence and confidence in spoken German incredibly fast. Rocket German offers tremendous value for money - 66% off download deal - and is a top of the range, comprehensive German learning product. If your goal is to get your German off to a flying start or to effectively review your German from the ground up, then Rocket German is the course for you. Fast track German learning at it’s best – top notch and very highly recommended!

A half star was deducted because I felt that the course would have benefited from more advanced German material. For beginner to upper-intermediate - excellent!
More advanced learners please note that the Rocket German sequel More Rocket German is now available for you to review.

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Not sure if Rocket German is right for you? Take advantage of Rocket German's free, no obligation, 6 day course to try it out for yourself with no risk. Also feel free to read our product suitability summary for German beginners, German intermediate learners and German advanced learners.

Rocket German course contents

  • 31 Rocket German audio lessons (14 hours)
  • 31 Rocket German grammar lessons in PDF format
  • A software component divided into:
    • MegaVocab – Rocket German vocabulary building quiz based on 2000 words linked to images
    • MegaAudio – Rocket German audio comprehension trainer of 1000 common German words
    • MegaVerbs – Rocket German verb trainer

Rocket German Review Criteria Index

Rocket German was reviewed based on the criteria listed below:

1. Review of Rocket German effectiveness

It didn’t take long to see why Rocket German is referred to as an “interactive audio course”. The German audio lessons lie at the heart of the course and take an active and participatory approach. From the outset, the learner is given ample opportunity to train his / her spoken German.

Each unit starts with a short German dialog that is dissected and explained during the remainder of the lesson. At first the listener learns new German words and phrases by repetition and later is asked to recall these phrases when prompted with the equivalent English phrase. Eventually as German phrases become more familiar the learner is encouraged to build new sentences by combining newer constructions with the German vocabulary already introduced.

This approach of continual learning and consolidation I found particularly effective as not only does the learner constantly build on existing knowledge but also gains more confidence to experiment with the German language. The German conversation review at the end of each unit as well as the beginning of the following unit was also extremely helpful and perfect for revision.

The software included with Rocket German is useful for vocabulary building and adds more value to the course. The software itself is not as state-of-the-art as what I would expect to find when investing in a purely software based German course, as it does not include more cutting-edge features like speech recognition. In my opinion however, the many advantages of the audio course strongly outweigh any exclusions from the Mega software package.

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2. Focus on practical and contemporary German language

Learning a foreign language is challenging enough without wasting time and energy on useless or outdated expressions. Too often it has happened that after working through a German course I’ve proudly tested out new expressions on German natives only to be met with a confused expression. For this reason, focus on contemporary and practical German language is one of the more important review criteria for me.

Rocket German scores high here, and deservedly so – I didn’t find a speck of irrelevant material in the entire course. The units were based on practical scenarios and 100% focused on real everyday German language.

Example German phrases:

Das klingt gut. – Sounds good.
Sie können es nicht verfehlen. – You can’t miss it.
Ich muss mal! – I’m bursting (for the toilet)!
So ein Mist! – What a bummer!

Outdated expressions even came with an amusing but clear warning. For example, nowadays if you call the waitress over in a restaurant with “Fraulein” it could be interpreted as “Hey, wench” and not “Waitress” or “Miss” as you’d probably have intended!

I was also pleased to discover that useful but often more difficult to translate German words like “schon” and “doch” were introduced as well as common expletives like “na ja” (oh well).

I would perhaps have liked to have seen a more thorough coverage of common idioms, more colloquial language and more German slang in the course – but I guess you folks have Pukka German to help you with that :) To be fair though, below are a few examples that I did pick up on:

Example German phrases:

Aussehen ist nicht alles. – Looks aren’t everything.
Du schummelst. – You’re cheating.
Halt den Mund! – Shut up!

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3. Review of Rocket German fun factor

Learning a foreign language requires motivation as well as a substantial investment of time. Time which could otherwise be used doing loads of other cool stuff so it’s logical that the experience has to be fun or you just won’t keep at it. This I know from personal experience…

It’s embarrassing to admit this but having grown up in South Africa I’ve sat through 9 years of classroom Afrikaans and never got much past the beginner stage! Sad but true. The language itself is not especially challenging but the classroom lessons were just such a drag.

Lisa complains about a similar experience with high school French and since reviewing Rocket German with me, is keen to get stuck into Rocket French to make up for lost time. If Rocket Languages ever got around to releasing a Rocket Afrikaans course, I’m convinced that in a few short months I’d learn heaps more than I ever did in those 9 years ducking, diving and trying not to be noticed in the classroom!

The Rocket German course hosts are upbeat, enthusiastic, encouraging and make a very positive impression. Also Rocket German moves at a steady pace so there is little chance of becoming bored and much more chance you'll stick with the course. Course content is based on Nik’s travels and experiences in Germany with her German friend Paul and there is some fun banter between the two. I was surprised to discover that at the end of several units I was left with a genuine sense of suspense and curiosity about what happens next and keen to crack on with the next lesson to learn more. As far as language learning goes, this was a very refreshing sensation. Top marks here!

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4. Does Rocket German do what it says on the tin?

I agree that this is one of the easiest to follow systems for learning how to speak German available and I regret not having enjoyed the benefits Rocket German when I first started out with the German language. The course teaches German rapidly and efficiently and succeeded in making me want to study more. The claim that Rocket German teaches practical language based on practical situations is definitely true.

I do not however endorse the claim that anyone would be capable of speaking German fluently with this course (or any other for that matter) after less than 8 weeks. This is simply unrealistic. More accurate would be to say that the learner should gain sufficient German knowledge to handle the wide range of common daily scenarios covered with confidence. This in itself is a fantastic achievement make no mistake and Rocket German should be commended for this. Real fluency however, requires a considerably larger vocabulary and exposure to substantially more cultural and inter-personal scenarios.

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5. Review of Rocket German cost

At $299.95 the price of the full shipped Rocket German package compares favourably (in fact is cheaper) than similar German quality products on the market. Although the full price is arguably fair, I wouldn’t go out of my way to spend that kind of money if not absolutely necessary – and fortunately it’s not any more!

Rocket Languages are offering a special download deal where you can download the entire course very simply direct from the Rocket German website for just $99.95 - that means you get more fun and a whole lot more than what you pay for at a huge saving of 200 bucks!

This is the option that I went for after convincing myself with the free Rocket German 6 day course and found the payment and download process very quick and easy. A German course like this for less than $100.00 is exceptional value and with an 8 week 100% money back guarantee, what more could you ask for? Excellent stuff!

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Rocket German review - suitability for German beginners:

Everybody loves people who speak more than one language and Rocket German is the perfect German product to get German beginners speaking the language, fast! If you only purchase one German product, this comprehensive interactive learn German audio course is definitely the one that I’d recommend. What's more, I personally regret not having discovered the Rocket German earlier.

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Rocket German review - suitability for intermediate German learners:

The first audio files will be useful German revision for you and help iron out your niggling German pronunciation and grammar issues. I consider myself a more advanced German learner and still felt that I benefited by listening to the course from the beginning. There should be plenty of material in the course that is new to you and I’m convinced that Rocket German will be an excellent investment for you and get you speaking more native sounding German!

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Rocket German review - suitability for advanced German learners:

As an advanced German learner myself, Rocket German was more of a revision course for me and I did not find much more new material that I hadn’t already covered. Saying that, I did regularly find that I was able to improve my German pronunciation as well as identify and correct errors in my spoken language. As a language review tool Rocket German could still be a worthwhile investment if you opt for the more reasonable download version. Most useful for me were the two combined Rocket German review audio files, one with the German unit conversations and the other with the combined spoken review exercises. These were great for more effective German revision.

If you’re determined to learn more sophisticated German and cash is tight, I’d recommend opting for More Rocket German the more advanced sequel Rocket German course. Due to the popularity of the first Rocket German course, Rocket Languages have produced More Rocket German to help more advanced learners to learn to speak German more confidently. I purchased my copy during the More Rocket German product launch promotion. As soon as I've worked through it I'll write a comprehensive More Rocket German review.

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