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Learn German language online: Pukka Affiliate

Our Pukka Pro Members can now become Pukka Affiliates with our exciting new scheme that rewards members who recommend our Pro membership to others. We know that the best recommendations come from satisfied customers and that's why we're giving our Pukka Pro members the opportunity to profit by promoting the learn German services that they use and love. You've scratched our back so you've earned a back scratch in return.

  • What's in it for me? - Well, a great deal in fact!

    Forget the measly commissions paid by most affiliate schemes, Amazon or Google Ads. Instead of a lackluster 5% commission, we pay you HALF the membership fee for each new successfully signed up member that you introduce to Pukka German! That's a 50% commission - 10 times more generous than some affiliate programs! AND it doesn't end there.

    If the member that you introduce to Pukka German decides to renew their membership, we'll pay you a further 30% of the first renewal fees - WOW!

    By way of example:

    Take our 6 month membership that costs $25.00. For each member that signs up to Pukka Pro on your recommendation, we will transfer $12.50 into your Paypal account. In six months should that member choose to renew their membership for a further 6 months, we'll transfer you a further $7.50 (30% of the renewal fee). Of course if the new member chooses to sign up for an extra year, then instead of $7.50 you'll get $13.50 (30% of our 1 year membership fee of $45.00). Please note that commission payments are subject to a Paypal handling fee of roughly 3.5%.

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  • So just how much can I earn?

    You could earn up to $26.00 for EACH successfully signed up member that you introduce to Pukka German - enough to cover your own membership fees for 6 months! With just a few successful introductions per week, you will have an extra 100 bucks in your pocket at the end of the month - and that's before the renewal commissions are even taken into account!

    Of course there is no limit to the number of Pukka German introductions you can make, which means that this is a great opportunity for you to supplement your monthly income.

    Example earnings

    The earnings listed below are based on a 6 month Pukka Pro membership and only take into account the initial 50% commission. Real earning could be substantially higher based on a 30% commission paid out for the first membership renewal. Of course you will earn your commission irrelevant of the duration of the Pukka Pro membership selected.

    Sales Per Day Monthly Income Yearly Income
    1 $380.21 $4,562.50
    5 $1,901.04 $22,812.00
    10 $3,802.00 $45,625.00

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  • How do I promote Pukka German?

    It's really dead easy and of course we'll give you all the support you need. One very effective way to promote Pukka German is to place a hyperlinked Pukka German logo on your own blog or website from where you can forward prospects to our website. Your unique member ID number will be embedded in the links and banners that we provide you with for your promotions so that sale commissions can be easily credited to your Paypal account.

    More promotion ideas

    If you don't have your own website or blog, there are loads of alternative ways to benefit from our generous affiliate offer. Here are some of the most obvious that come to mind:

    • Send an informational email about Pukka German to work colleagues, friends or classmates and be sure to include your affiliate link in the mail.

    • Post your personalised link in German related forum threads. We've personally been able to generate a substantial amount of traffic to our website in this way.

    • Add a link or linked Pukka German image to emails or your forum user signatures.

    • And heres a great one. Add a short Pukka German promotional clip to YouTube and be sure to post your link in the information box. A clever title and interesting clip in YouTube could easily get thousands of views and could quite literally generate thousands of dollars for you in Pukka German commissions!

    You can promote Pukka German wherever you can post a link so use your imagination and prepare to be handsomely rewarded.

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  • So where do I get my personalised links?

    We provide each of our members with unique links based on a number associated with your Pukka German Pro membership. This enables us to automatically track new member sign ups originating from your promotional links. We provide a selection of links so that traffic can be directed to targeted landing pages. This is done to help increase conversion rates. To get your links:

    • Sign in to your Membership Information Page with your Pukka German username and password.

    • Under the heading "Useful Links" click the link to the Affiliate Area where you will be able to see a running total of your earned commissions.

    • At the top of the page click the Get affiliate links and banners link.

    • Copy the HTML code for the available link or banner and start earning cash for your Pukka promotions!

    Note that you are free to edit the displayed anchor text of the links but leave the part "php?r=number" intact because the number displayed is your unique tracking number that enables us to credit your account with your sales. If you require any special resources for your promotions, you can email us a request.

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  • How are my sales tracked?

    This works by means of a helpful web technology called cookies, which store user preferences and improve the end user browser experience. A cookie is temporarily stored by a site visitor's browser when they are directed to our website from a promotional link and this will keep a record of your affiliate link ID number. This process is transparent and can be controlled by the end user's browser preference settings.

    The great news is that with this simple technology new site visitors don't have to commit to purchasing a membership immediately. Dependent on the privacy policy specified in the visitors browser preferences your introduced Pukka German visitors could choose to commit to a Pukka Pro membership up to 30 days after clicking your link and your account would still be credited with a sale! After 30 days, the cookie will expire and be automatically deleted.

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  • Can I get a commission for promoting a free trial?

    If the customer purchases a Pukka Pro membership within 30 days of clicking through your unique affiliate link, then you as an affiliates will receive commission on that sale. This means that you could choose to first promote our one week free trial and if the introduced person enjoys what he / she discovers and commits then your account will be credited with a sale. This is achieved through a temporary cookie stored on the visitor’s computer.

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  • Can I see reports of the sales I make?

    Of course! For a complete overview of your Pukka promotion commissions and link click statistics, just log into the Affiliate Area with your membership username and password. You will also receive an automated email informing you when you make a successful sale.

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  • How will my commissions be paid to me?

    At the end of each month we will send the commissions owed to each of our members via Paypal. Just be sure to let us know the Paypal email address to where you would like the money to be sent by editing our PayPal Payout Page.

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  • How does this effect introduced members?

    There will be absolutely no difference for new members who sign up to Pukka German after being introduced by a friend. The cost of a Pukka Pro membership will be exactly the same as had the introduced member discovered Pukka German on their own. The only difference will be that we will share the membership fee with you, our valued referring member as a way of saying thank you for helping us extend our Pukka Pro family and gain a new valued member who might otherwise not have discovered our website and services. As soon as the introduced member signs up, he / she will also be able to benefit from our generous affiliate scheme.

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  • And that's really all there is to it!

    If you have further questions, about how to get started as a Pukka Pro affiliate please drop us a mail and we'll gladly clarify any points to help you get started as quickly and profitably as possible!

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