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Pukka German is spreading the love by providing links to the German learning resources worth talking about. We'll be exposing (mostly free but some high quality paid) online German learning gems. We hope this proves helpful, but don't forget that for authentic banter, joshing and dirt dishing Pukka German is the only address to be!

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Helpful language and linguistics tutorials and resources
Language Lessons, Podcasts, Courses, Audio, Video, Study Guides, Learning Materials
A fantastic resource for German news and radio streaming. They also have very high quality free German language learning resources.
Watch the latest German news as a video podcast. Great for improving your listening skills.
An informative monthly language magazine written especially for German learners. Each mix of articles for learners of varying abilities.
A nice mix of beginner to intermediate German lessons. They also have some "Cool German" lessons worth checking out.
An wide range of free German learning resources and exercises.
Free online German language resources.
All about how to learn german and how to speak german.
A German forum about grammar and vocabulary.
A new website to learn German grammar.
A very useful directory of resources for learning the German language online.
Online English-German dictionary.
An audiomagazine for intermediate to advanced speakers of German.
A useful resource for learning German grammar online.

Why Pukka German?

  • Increase your German fluency
  • Learn the real lingo of native Germans
  • Get expressive with idioms and proverbs
  • Integrate with colloquialisms
  • Have a laugh with German slang
  • Let out the German in you!

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