Learn German podcast PG34 - Bar Scene

Today we teach you some useful German words and phrases to describe trendy cocktail bars. Ever wondered what the German word for "hip" or "in" is? Well today you'll find that out as well as learn cool German expressions to talk about both rompish parties and laid back-scenes. Get ready to have it shaken and stirred!

Learn German language podcast: Kneipenszene
die Kneipenszene =
the bar scene

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PG34 Transcript - Bar Scene

Americanos City

(D1): DJ's und günstige Cocktails sorgen für ausgelassene Partystimmung. Jeden Tag Happy Hour, dafür zahlt man allerdings Eintritt.

(E1): DJ's and inexpensive cocktails help you to get in the mood for rompish parties. Daily happy hour, but you have to pay a cover charge.

Die Bank

(D1): Lässige Szenebar in einem ehemaligen Geldinstitut. Täglich mit DJ, der für gute Stimmung beim jungen Publikum sorgt.

(E1): Cool "in" bar located in a former bank. A daily DJ serves to get the younger clientele in the mood.

Bar Centrale

(D1): Kleine, aber absolute angesagte Szenebar mit Italienischem Charme.

(E1): Small, but absolutely hip bar with an Italian charm.


(D1): In der oft vollen Cocktailbar gehen aufgestylte, junge Leute auf Tuchfühlung. Partymusik, gut gemixte Cocktails und exotische Speisen.

(E1): Crowded cocktail bar where stylish youths meet shoulder to shoulder. Party sound, tasty cocktails and exotic dishes.

Bar Harlander

(D1): Schummerige, in pinkfarbenes Licht getauchte Szenebar. Gestyletes Publikum in gestyltem Ambiente, Spitzen-Cocktails.

(E1): Dimly-lit and bathed in pink, "in" bar. Styled guests, styled ambience, super cocktails.

Bar München

(D1): Edle Bar mit hoher Promi-Frequenz, internationale Küche und Cocktails, täglich wechelnde Menüs.

(E1): Upper class bar. Prominent guests. International cuisine and cocktails, and menus that differ each day.

List of English - German Podcast Vocabulary

Translation of German phrases and theme expressions.

bar scene die Kneipenszene
rompish; high spirited; boisterous party die ausgelassene Party
happy hour die Happy Hour
cover charge; entrance fee der Eintritt
cool; laid-back; smooth lässig
"in" bar die Szenebar
to get s.o. in the mood bei jdm für gute Stimmung sorgen
clientele; guests; public das Publikum
in; hip; hot; trendy angesagt
charm der Charme
cocktail bar die Cocktailbar
stylish aufgestylt
in close contact; shoulder to shoulder; (note: this can also be used to describe "moving in on s.o." or "making a move on s.o." - see the bonus box video below) auf Tuchfühlung gehen;
tasty cocktails (probably with a "healthy" dose of alcohol); super cocktails gut gemixte Cocktails; spitzen Cocktails
dimly lit das schummrige Licht
styled guests das gestylte Publikum
ambience; atmosphere das Ambiente
super; top; high-end spitzen
upper class; fancy; nobel edle / edel
celeb; VIP der Promi
daily changing set menus täglich wechselnde Menüs
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auf Tuchfühlung gehen


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