Learn German podcast PG10 - Sure, no problemo!

This week we cover some common German words and phrases that we recommend using in your German conversations. Mastery of everyday expressions like these make your German sound more fluent and with a bit of practice are a piece of cake to get the hang of. Learn the German translation for "sure thing" and "consider it done" as well as how to use the words "geht klar" and "gebongt" as an easy and effective way to confirm arrangements.

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wird erledigt =
consider it done

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PG10 Transcript – Gerne

Tyler: In today’s show we take a look at a variety of rather fancy ways to say “yes”, “yeah” and “no problem”. One very useful word in German is the word “gern” or “gerne”, which translates as “with pleasure” and demonstrates willingness and enthusiasm. For example Lisa could ask:

Lisa: Sollen wir heute ins Schwimmbad gehen?

Tyler: And I could reply, “gerne” or “gern”, suggesting that I would like to come with. Now assuming we need to arrange when we’re going to meet up, Lisa suggests:

Lisa: Sollen wir uns um 11 Uhr vor dem Schwimmbad treffen?

Tyler: And I say: “in Ordnung” or “abgemacht” to say “okay”, “agreed” or “sure thing”.

Lisa: Andere wirklich coole Ausdrücke sind zum Beispiel “geht klar” oder “gebongt”.

Tyler: Ja, “gebongt” is a super word and originates from the word “bongen”. This is used to express that a sold item has been entered into a cash register and a receipt has been produced. “Geht klar” and “Gebongt” can also be used in the context of: “are we still on?” to confirm that a future appointment will still take place, like “ist der Termin am Mittwoch gebongt?” or “geht der Termin am Mittwoch klar?”

Lisa: Ah, wir haben keine Sonnencreme. Kannst du noch welche kaufen?

Tyler: Ja, kein Thema, wird erledigt. So “kein Thema” or “wird erledigt” can be used to confirm that something will be done. “Kein Thema” is also useful to say “no problem” like for example in a situation where someone bumps you accidentally and apologizes. And then you can say “kein Thema” which means “don’t worry about it” or “no problem”. So we arrive at the swimming pool and Lisa realizes that she left her wallet at home, so she asks me:

Lisa: Oh nein, ich habe meinen Geldbeutel zu Hause vergessen! Kannst du mir vielleicht 3 Euro geben?

Tyler: This is quite typical of Lisa but no big deal and therefore I reply “klaro”, “logisch” or “logo”. Entrance cost €2,80 and Lisa offers me the 20 cents change.

Lisa: Hier die 20 Cent sind übrig geblieben.

Tyler: 20 cents isn’t going to make or break the bank, so I say “geschenkt” - “keep the change”. By the way in the context of service in a restaurant if you wanted to say keep the change then “stimmt so” would be the expression to use.

Lisa: Oki doki, das war es für heute bei Pukka German. Wir gehen jetzt wirklich baden! Ciao

List of English - German Podcast Vocabulary

Translation of German idioms, colloquial phrases, slang and theme expressions.

with pleasure gern(e)
okay; agreed; sure thing in Ordnung; abgemacht; geht klar; geritzt (carved); gebongt
don’t worry about it; think nothing of it kein Thema
consider it done wird erledigt
of course; sure klaro; logisch; logo
keep it; it’s yours geschenkt
okey–doke(y) oki doki
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