Rude German words to avoid - or enjoy!

Dirty German words and phrases - $#@^%*!

Sie hat Holz vor der Hütte

This is one of my favourite rude German sayings. The literal translation, "She has wood in front of the hut" seems innocent enough but is in fact rather misleading. The real meaning is better translated:

Man, does she have a great set of gazongas!

der Rüssel
German sex words: Rüssel
The literal translation of "Rüssel" is trunk so I think I can safely leave it to you to work out the English translation. If you're thinking anything along the lines of "love muscle" or "hot rod" you'd be on the right track. A more common rude German expression for the family jewels is "der Schwanz" (lit. tail). Of course there are a host of other naughty German words to choose from.

Judging by the number of requests that we receive for lessons about rude German words and phrases, I am comforted to know that I am not the only one with a dirty mind :) I guess it's no secret that taboo words and sex phrases are some of the most wonderfully expressive and funny.

That said, I have to admit that for a long time I was reluctant to teach Pukka listeners rude, let alone outright vulgar, German sex phrases. For one thing, Lisa strongly objected to the idea and didn't want to be held responsible for a reckless gang of foul-mouthed and abusive German learners let loose on her country. She has a very endearing sense of social responsibility.

I personally am far less concerned for the Germans than I am aware that learning downright dirty German phrases just might not be everyone's cup of tea. So in consideration of conservative Pukka German listeners who find words of a sexual nature offensive, we decided to abstain from teaching a number of especially naughty words in our podcast. Of course I wasn't particularly keen on being banned from iTunes either!


Fortunately for you, I couldn't resist forever. In South Africa there is a great Afrikaans expression that says, "Een boer maak een plan" (a farmer makes a plan). Well just for the record, this "city boy" can also make a plan. So for those less easily offended, do I have some great news for you!

Drumroll please...

With the help of German friends I've spent considerable misguided energy compiling a killer list of dirty German words and sex phrases. Fortunately for you, the result is just too hilarious to keep to myself. So I've decided to share a subset of these rude German words with you in the form of an exclusive podcast.

I'd like this to remain between you and I because I'm keen to avoid rubbing people the wrong way so our dirty German lesson will not be available to regular site visitors. Instead a link will be made available exclusively to members of our mailing list. This way our steamy lesson is less likely to offend certain individuals or come back to bite us in the bum.

Those already subscribed to our mailing list will know that we respect your privacy and rest assured we hate spam as much as you do. In fact I have a guilty conscience about not having sent out a Pukka newsletter for months. I am hoping that this rude podcast exclusive will be so cool that everyone on the mailing list will excuse me for not having been in touch more regularly.

To ensure that you get the full scoop and the real dirty German lowdown, sign up to the Pukka German mailing list so that we can send you the link to this Pukka Exclusive as soon as it becomes available.

Know how to say these sex phrases in German?

  • He's got a great butt.
  • I'd give her a good rogering.
  • I'm feeling horny as hell.
  • and loads more...

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